'White Collarrr'

Yay!  I have been trying to track down the source of this fun White Collar cartoon for some time now and I think I finally found the artist.  The piece is enitled, 'White Collarrr' and was created back in 2012, by jaysica. If you look carefully, you will find her signature on Peter's I.D. Please support her by visiting her deviantART page, here's the link: http://jaysica.deviantart.com/art/WHITE-COLLARRR-310932534.


A Fine Bromance ...

I so love this smart cartoon by cottontailhase. I think it perfectly sums up the White Collar dynamic. I know it's been around for a while but I wanted to be able to credit the original artist before posting it. Thanks to the super-sleuthing of anodyneer now I can ...


Fic Rec:' Burnt Out Flames Should Never Reignite'

I really enjoyed this fic by sapphire2309 which has an interesting take on the effect that Neal no longer being his C.I. has on Peter.

Title: Burnt Out Flames Should Never Reignite
Characters (Pairings): Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, Elizabeth Burke (background Peter/El)
Rating: R - curse words.
Word Count: 1197
Spoilers: None, I think.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Peter's lost quite a few keys.
Author's Note: Post anklet, Neal's left for parts unknown. Title from Home by Daughter.

HBO documentary 'Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia'

I just watched the disturbing HBO documentary, Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia and noticed the credit, "Narrated by Matt Bomer."

Throughout the documentary I kept wondering whether the narrator was British or American as his accent was hard to place.  It certainly didn't sound like Matt Bomer to me.  I even went back and listened some more with my eyes shut.

The Director, Ben Steele was on 'The Daily Show' recently, which is how I heard about the documentary.  He made no mention of Matt Bomer's being involved in the project.  Has anyone else heard about this?

I want to say that I found the documentary thought-provoking and recommend it. However, I found it completely stomach-churning and while I am glad that Mr Steele has brought to light the plight of these Russian citizens, it left me feeling completely bereft and unable to see any way in which their situation can be improved. It was like watching a program about another planet and although the director clearly tried to be even-handed and provide some framwork in which these thugs rationlize their behaviour, they just came across to me as fake run-of-the-mill bullies, not even worthy of being labeled 'bigots'.  And most certainly not the protectors of children that they masqueraded as.

Cartoons of Matt Bomer

I happened upon the Facebook page for Matt Bomer Latinoamerica, which has a bazillion pics of Matt Bomer. The page administrator, AngeliKDepp:{D has posted a whole series of cartoons with Matt in various costumes associated with his different film and TV roles, as well as some that are based on magazine photos of Matt, which I find strangely endearing. This seems to be her first one, from which the others grew ...


Under the cut are more of her later pics, including some of Matt in 'real life', a compilation piece, and an insight into her work in progress.

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